How to use your M’bient for monitoring your environment

  • What is the M’bient ?

The M’bient is a multi sensor device connected in Sigfox, it can be a very useful device for demonstrating your various use cases.

  • Five available sensors   
  • Connected, no installation needed
  • Long life battery
  • How to meet your needs ?

Do you want to catch strategic informations about your environment? an operational device is available, the M’bient!

How to develop operational efficiency?

A lot of our users use it as an alert trigger. You can configure your threshold using a clear and easy dedicated backend.

We decided to enlarge that capability using sensor fusion by customizing the data processing to your applications. Such a large and complete tool for data acquisition already connected to an IoT network, can help to identify a various kind of patterns at a very low cost.

There is a wide spectrum of applications, like alert generation according to various triggers e.g: engine start/ stop, trigger automatic watering according to soil moisture, detecting chocs on your delivered goods,  detecting the flow of people in a specific place and so much more. All that by using this generic soluction.

The sensitivity of the embedded sensors of the M’bient and sensor fusion can help to detect patterns in a very large application field :

  • Environmental monitoring
  • Infrastructure management
  • Smart cities
  • Manufacturing
  • Media
  • Agriculture
  • Energy management
  • Medical and healthcare
  • Building and home automation
  • Smart cities
  • Transportation

We are able to detect various measurands and work on specific patterns that can help you to simplify and automate your action with a simple, autonomous and already connected device.  

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sabeha-axibleDr. Sabeha Zedek, Innovation Manager
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